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Applied to the subway disinfection of UV LED unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) was born

by:CHZ     2020-04-28

recently, south Korean designer with UV LED the GHOST of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is designed.

this functional uav solve a real problem: the station of the housekeeping staff efficiency is very high, but they were floating on air quality and bacteria can do around the subway station.

GHOST uavs to fly around the station, through its UV ultraviolet LED to launch, and disinfection of the space around. Easy to operate, focus on providing a healthier environment.

by omnidirectional sensor, it has a smooth flight and efficient sterilization process. Use ultraviolet LED, in the subway space of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) installed in the 'GHOST' is a kind of space nursing system, can provide the disinfection services inside the subway, aimed at rapid thoroughly on the train in the linear space for disinfection. The lights went out, when everyone is asleep, the GHOST will float in the subway service of health.

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