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Archaeologists found 1500 years ago the ancient lamps in Turkey

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-10

foreign media messages, archaeologists in southeastern Turkey Diyarbak? R found 48 ancient lamp lamp that dates back to 1500. The lamp is in the city? 吗? Nar Zerzevan castle in excavation.

to worship the god mithras built underground temple next to found this batch of cultural relics, the underground temple was built about 1700 years ago. Worship of mithras was common in the Roman army. However, as archaeologists believe that itself of lamps and lanterns of s to later. Presumed to their 1500 - year - old.

di season lai, head of the university's excavation project eta, coase quinlan said: 'we believe that the history of these lights can be traced back to Roman times. Found their place is likely to be an antique shop. Every light has its own symbol: the sun, the stars or letters. They all represent different meaning. '

the archeologists believe that the discovery will be for us to understand the Roman era zell strategy fortress provides for the residents to testify. The castle covers an area of 5. 520000 square meters. It is surrounded by 12 to 15 meters high wall, the wall stretches approximately 1. 2 km. Fortress is a 21 meters high tower.

in the area of the archaeological excavation began in 2014. During this period, found the ruins of the church, administrative buildings and residential buildings, silos and Arsenal, an underground temple and underground shelters can accommodate 400 people.

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