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Area which solar street lamps with solar street lamps and square difference

by:CHZ     2020-10-11

solar street lights and solar garden light in China has been developing rapidly in China, the most popular type of lamps and lanterns has become today's era, especially in some high-end residential or public square. This street has become a beautiful scenery line. Most people are basically not clear the practical use of solar energy street light. They have different needs in residential or square. From the point of the present situation, residential and factory basically to satisfy different patterns. What they should meet the conditions?

if the solar street light is a residential area, it must meet the lighting effect, that is, they should be to facilitate the citizens, but also conforms to the style of whole building, and all of the style of the residential area should be consistent. In this case, they should have the effect of photography, at the same time, they also should pay attention to some elegant and not too boring, don't be too luxuriant, otherwise it is easy to cause fatigue.

if you install a light, solar street lamps in the square, it is basically built public buildings. In general, it has some functions, but also shows a strong artistic quality. Their characteristics and style should be displayed. Of course, the most important function is to beautify the day. In addition, all courtyard lamp wick is by considering some aesthetic conditions of the square. In the evening, art lighting should be considered. The lights should be with the specific circumstances of the square. Convenient, walk also should pay attention to appreciate in the people in the square, to see if the appearance of these garden light elegant.

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