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Article 100 in guangzhou city road lighting system

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-21

100 road guangzhou city center will be 'light', the total length of 66. 52 km. Recently, the guangzhou city center city road lighting project ( Phase ii) Start, will be to guangzhou part no street lamps and need corrective road of ascension.

projects include in yuexiu district of guangzhou tianhe, baiyun district, approximately 100, liwan district, within the scope of zhuhai municipal function of road lighting and lighting distribution system.

to improve municipal roads in 100, covers the arterial road, village road, square, community and other kinds of estuary metro subway space travel. Among them: baiyun district 19, including baiyun avenue north, northing new etc; Hai 21, including the pazhou, guangzhou avenue south bridge bottom, etc. ; Liwan district 24, including zhongshan eight-way, dongfeng road, etc. ; Tianhe district 19, including the hunting DE subway station exit C, pearl river new town station exit A1; Yuexiu district article 17, including small north road, etc.

urban lighting is an important part of urban public facilities. Guangzhou still exist individual link lighting don't match, illumination is insufficient, lack of maintenance and management lead to problems such as street light is not bright. Baiyun district yi kang road, although only 200 metres long, 7 meters wide city branch, but the lamp is built by local village, part of the street lamp, About 10) Installed in the middle of the motor vehicle road guardrail, lamp holder for guardrail, easy cause collision accident. Yuexiu district as a city distance along huanshi road, road is 5100 metres long, no street lights on both sides of the sidewalk darker, affect citizens' security.

so, guangzhou will be no street lamp of municipal road construction scope for street light construction and renovation. The project will also set up independent lighting control system, and be able to access the guangzhou lighting construction management center of existing lighting control system, to realize the remote control.

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