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auotmatic street lights control using ldr and arduino

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-24
Automatic street lamp control is used to control the street}void }
digitalW }
Copy and paste the code in the arduino new sketch folder and then compile and upload the program as shown in the figure.
Please click on the serial window located in the upper right corner of the Arduino IDE to view the results.
The results are displayed on the serial window.
When the light is insufficient, the light will glow automatically, and when the light is sufficient, the light will turn off automatically.
According to our room condition, the threshold we take for the LDR sensor is 100.
When we put one hand on the LDR (
No light is allowed on LDR)
Arduino turns on the LED automatically.
When we remove our hands on LDR.
The Arduino turns the LED off automatically.
Thanks, TechPonder.
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