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Back to 1. 400 million, guangzhou at night and then upgrade!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-10

on May 22, the guangzhou municipal garden engineering management center respectively on central city road lighting perfect project ( Phase ii) Survey and design and construction general contracting, the traditional central axis lighting construction project ( Dongfeng road north) Survey and design construction general contracting, linjiang avenue ( Guangzhou avenue - Secco rhyme road) Lighting construction engineering survey and design construction general contracting for public bidding, the selected contractor. The bid price of RMB 6589 respectively. 9. 66028 billion yuan, 6261. 6. 07 million yuan, 1395. 4. 48 million yuan.

downtown: 'light up' 100 municipal road contains huanshi road, zhongshan road along

central city road lighting perfect engineering major in yuexiu district of guangzhou tianhe, baiyun district, approximately 100, liwan district, within the scope of zhuhai municipal function of road lighting and lighting distribution system, set up independent lighting control system, and be able to access the center of the lighting of the existing lighting control system, to realize the remote control. General construction road long ( Measuring scale) About 66. 52 km.

the different types of roads with different lamps and lanterns, such as motor vehicle lighting should be in conformity with the provisions functional lamps and lanterns. And commercial pedestrian street, the pedestrian road, tunnel, pedestrian bridge, and it is necessary to separate set lamp non-motor vehicle lanes appropriate USES the combination of functional and decorative lamps and lanterns. Considering the green lighting requirements, choose the type of LED lamps and lanterns proposal adopts modularization design, light source, LED driver power supply can remove the swap, to save the daily maintenance and maintenance costs are saved.

the traditional central axis: sun yat-sen memorial hall, improve body lighting performance solemn atmosphere profile

the traditional central axis lighting construction project is located in the old city, the status quo lighting is mainly functional lighting. Area at night without the traditional central axis 'as the concept of unified planning, the lack of cultural elements and light color.

is mainly for body building, wall, sun yat-sen memorial hall, the south gate house and the surrounding landscape lighting, sun yat-sen memorial, step ladder and the surrounding landscape lighting, landscape lighting, yuexiu zhenhai building and affiliated facilities route of nightscape lighting for ascension in the park.

the other tender announcement, to improve the traditional central axis illumination in guangzhou the grade of the urban landscape lighting at night. Create the lights of the expressive form, in a solemn atmosphere, the attitude of the sun yat-sen memorial hall and the attraction of the sun yat-sen memorial, etc. Because of the old buildings in the region is more, should pay attention to the engineering requirement light irradiation ancient lamps and lanterns, should try to reduce the ultraviolet and infrared light radiation. Installation of lamps and lanterns hidden, do not affect hexiang appearance. Ancient buildings are installed on the lamps and lanterns, we should use the lossless installation method such as clip, hold, hold, the installation of lamps and lanterns can't damage.

linjiang avenue: total length of about seven. 1 km to build characteristic of guangzhou city night landscape '

whether it is day or night, in the pearl river north shore of linjiang avenue jogging track is the' first choice 'many people running. For running at night people along the way by the night scene is beautiful, running track lighting is also essential.

linjiang avenue lighting construction project selection in linjiang avenue and green space between the pearl river side, lighting system and power supply and distribution system for perfect and improve. Project from guangzhou avenue west, east to rhyme road, total length of about seven. 1 km, only involves linjiang avenue north green lighting situation, does not involve the pearl river levees and binjiang platform. Axis for jogging track. Transformation of guangzhou avenue, hunting, bridge, the racecourse road plaza, south China fast and member of the village road river square five important node, such as upgrading the total area of about 289873 square meters.

as requested, linjiang avenue lighting to highlight future guangzhou city features, creating culture, art, ecology, leisure, one of the 'night landscape'. Pursuit of modernity and at the same time with the person this, create a 'comfort, artistic, safe' the environment of space. Lights and a river on both sides of the light to make echo, into the city the night scene node, rich night at guangzhou environment.

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