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'Based on the changes in temperature of white LED can color temperature adjustable lighting light source, was named 2019 F5000 outstanding papers

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-24

recently, 2019 'the high-quality goods periodical paper top platform - — Leader in 5000 '( 2019 F5000) Excellent papers officially announced the results, published in the journal of the optical an article related to lighting technology based on the changes in temperature of white LED can light source color temperature adjustable light 'in the selection results on the list.

the author of the article is xiamen institute of photoelectric photoelectric engineering technology research center with communication engineering college Xu Daisheng, Chen xiao, Zhu Xiang, Zheng Lihua. Article introduces in detail can be dynamic lighting light source color temperature adjustable light duty ratio, constraint condition, the control of the experimental test and result analysis, and other important content, through to the luminosity of the light source and the target color temperature under a given flux under the duty ratio, the output of the target color temperature mixing colored product parameters such as coordinate calculation as well as the development of light source module, light source module drive circuit and so on the detailed analysis of experimental results, obtained the 'gain practical can color temperature adjustable light intelligent illuminator' conclusion.

it is reported, 'the high-quality goods periodical paper top platform - — Leader in 5000 '( F5000) Is by the national Ministry of Science and Technology of the China institute of science and technology information for leading the project, aimed at forming for macro management journals of science and technology and the scientific research evaluation demand directly, is clearer defect display a certain society and influence both at home and abroad new thesis result data platform, focusing on high-end of journals published in China's academic research. Want to know about F5000 details, can browse the website: http://f5000. 赵志耘。 ac。 cn/。

is rated 2019 annual F5000 article, certificate will be issued by the China science and technology information institute, at the same time in the Web of Knowledge with the SCI database realize links and international literature citation retrieval.

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