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Based on the government's support for the development of LED street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-11
   LED street lights use light-emitting diodes (ie LED) as the light source (solid cold light source), which is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, low power consumption, high efficiency, and long life. Street lights are an important part of urban lighting. Traditional street lamps are generally high-pressure sodium lamps, but due to the low overall efficiency, high-pressure sodium lamps cause a huge waste of energy.   Therefore, the development of new and efficient LED street lights is extremely important. With the wide application of high-power LED lighting for decoration and road lighting, this will be the possibility of high-power LED lighting for road lighting. LED has the advantages of long life and maintenance-free.   Based on LED street lamp installation cost saving, power saving, low voltage, low current, small installation cable cross-sectional area. Street lights have the longest use time and consume power to start semiconductor lighting projects, and require energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, the application of LED street lights will greatly reduce the shortage of power and energy and save energy.  The government has basically determined the main development direction of LED outdoor lighting. In addition, based on the fact that LED street lights are regarded as a high profile and important point, the government has launched a lighting application market. With the advancement of LED chips and packaging technology, LEDs have played a leading role in lighting. More and more countries are formulating energy-saving and carbon-reducing lighting standards. This will not only help the development of the LED lighting application market, but also mean LED street lights will become a technological innovation to master the field of road lighting sources. LED street lights will be a favorite of the new street lighting market with outstanding environmental protection, reliability, energy saving and aesthetic design, which will bring new opportunities, the upgrading and revolutionary characteristics of China's lighting industry, after years of exploration and Development, it has become a trend, solar street lamp manufacturers pay attention to improving the quality of their products. Especially in the chaos of the aftermarket, many solar street lamp manufacturers mainly focus on LED street lamps that continuously improve the quality of their products. Current leading companies, such as Changhui solar street lamp manufacturers, not only solve the problem of light attenuation, uniform light distribution, heat dissipation, and combine with solar energy to produce solar LED street lights, but also develop intelligent control systems. LED street lights are expected to be stable and fast in the future development of. With the development of technology, LED street lights will grow rapidly and replace all traditional street lights in the next five years.

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