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Beautiful Changlong Road lighting project in Changlong was successfully completed

Beautiful Changlong Road lighting project in Changlong was successfully completed


Recently, CHZ LIGHTING has successfully provided professional lighting system solutions for the construction of Changlong Longhu Sports Park and the road lighting project in Changlong area. With its rich industry experience and high-quality lighting products, it has created a comfortable and safe road lighting environment , To help Changlong build a more efficient and livable benchmark city.


Project Overview

The construction of Longhu Sports Park in Changlong and the EPC project of road reconstruction in Changlong area are key projects of Changlong Street, covering the widening of Changlong Avenue and other roads, the improvement and transformation of landscape greening, and the main and secondary core of Changlong Science and Technology City with a total length of about 31 kilometers. The improvement and reconstruction of main roads, the construction of two parks with a total area of about 2.83 million square meters, and the construction of a landmark CBA basketball stadium with Changlong Cultural and Sports Center, etc., through high-standard planning of urban infrastructure construction, and strive to build a safe and beautiful new Chimelong.


As the central axis that runs through the Chimelong Science and Technology City, Changlong Avenue is the central avenue of Changlong Street. It is a two-way 8-lane urban arterial road with a total length of about 6.4 kilometers. The improvement project of Changlong Avenue starts from Shahe Road in the west to Shenshan Highway in the east. After the expansion, part of the road sections will reach 12-lane bidirectional lanes. The sponge city construction concept will be transformed into an urban landscape avenue, and the newly built Shiguling Park, Ma'anling Park forms a "one ring, one axis" urban ecological pattern, which is beneficial to support the leapfrog development of Changlong Science and Technology City.

CHZ LIGHTING professional lighting solutions

Due to the widening of the road in the upgrading and renovation project of Changlong Avenue, all the old street lights need to be removed and replaced with environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED street lights. With years of accumulated lighting technology and project service experience, CHZ LIGHTING has successfully become the supplier of the Changlong Avenue lighting construction project. This lighting design mainly includes lighting along the Changlong Avenue and the lighting of 6 pedestrian bridges. Professional lighting solutions with high comfort and low energy consumption will comprehensively improve the lighting effects of Changlong streets and create a healthy and sustainable urban living light environment.



CHZ LIGHTING has carried out the transformation of LED street lights for the whole line of Changlong Avenue. The project adopts the ST34 series street lights independently developed and produced by our company. The total number is more than 600 sets. The lights adopt modular design, high flexibility, easy maintenance and replacement, and use The unique light distribution lens design achieves high luminous efficiency, low glare lighting, and high illuminance and illuminance uniformity. While meeting the comfort and safety of road lighting, it also saves energy consumption, creates a bright and orderly lighting environment, and improves The night scene of Changlong city.


In order to improve the pedestrian crossing facilities in the Chimelong area and effectively ensure the safe and smooth travel of citizens, Changlong Street plans to build 6 pedestrian bridges along the Changlong Avenue. At present, No. 2, No. 4 and No. 7 flyovers have been put into use, and No. 5 flyovers are being finalized and will be put into use soon. The 4 flyovers mainly use ST25 low-power series products developed and produced by CHZ LIGHTING. The total number is more than 360 sets. Professional lighting design fully demonstrates the structural beauty and temperament of the bridge, adding comfort and convenience to residents' travel.



After months of intense construction, the lighting construction project of Changlong Avenue is basically completed. The smooth, clean and orderly Changlong Avenue is even more shining under the soft lights of street lights on both sides. CHZ LIGHTING’s professional road lighting solutions ensure that all lighting indicators meet the planning and design requirements, which not only greatly improves the lighting quality of Changlong Avenue, but also effectively guarantees the safety of citizens’ night travel, and also improves the quality and charm of the city. The beautifully coordinated and vibrant night scene of Changlong.



For a long time, CHZ LIGHTING has always adhered to the promise of product quality and innovation and empowerment, deepened the lighting market segmentation field, and provided precise lighting solutions for many application scenarios and engineering projects, fully demonstrating the strong technical strength and brand of CHZ LIGHTING Influence. In the future, CHZ LIGHTING will participate in more lighting projects with high-quality products and professional solutions, so that urban spaces will glow with more dazzling brilliance and vitality.

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