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Beauty Gloversville city streets to change for the LED, save millions of dollars every year

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-24

according to foreign media reports, the American city of New York state Gloversville plans to existing LED street light is converted to the whole city, the first step in the next month, a move that could save about $150000 of energy for the city every year.

in September this year, the city council and the local lighting companies signed a contract worth $617969, converting existing street light LED.

in 2018, the city has been considering converts street light LED. However, because of the cost of the state grid company for buying existing street lamp ask delayed response, thus slows down the planning process.

lighting enterprise representatives are expected to arrive in January, the city began preliminary work on the project, verify the street light the number and location of the city.

the city's current annual pay $223270 to the national grid company, the existing street lamp power supply and maintenance. Professionals, estimates that converts street lamp LED these costs can be reduced to about $67166 a year, saving about $156104 a year.

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