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Beauty of relief released 437 contains a small amount of lighting, eliminate tariffs imposed on goods for businesses and consumers of China and the United States

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-11

17 local time, the U. S. trade representative's office ( USTR) Published three tariffs on China commodity out of listing notice, more than 400 items on the list of free of tariffs. Unlike previous before the listing involved the us announced 3 batches of tariffs on Chinese goods.

three batch of goods tariffs are involved

this tariff exclusion list involved 437 items, excluding goods mainly for all kinds of instruments and equipment parts, organic synthetic material, daily necessities, chemical products, textiles, mechanical and electrical equipment, chemical products, steel products, etc. These goods are distributed in the United States last year announced the $34 billion, $16 billion and $200 billion this batch of tariffs on Chinese goods.

since December 28, 2018, USTR exclusion list published 11 batches of goods. According to the first financial journalist query, before 8 times successively each ruled out 984, 87, 21, 515, 464, 110, 69 and 10 items. While on September 17 USTR one-time announced 3 batches exclusion list, involving the three large quantities of goods, it's never happened before.

USTR impose tariffs on $34 billion of goods out of listing notice, said in a September 17, 2019, USTR release - 3290 F9 notice of tariffs on goods of announcement can be obtained. According to the article 301 of the 1974 trade act b, article 301 c and 301 a, 301 clauses and interagency committee's advice, the U. S. trade representative announced tariffs on 310 items for exclusion. , the statement said the decision also refer to the advisory committee and the general public to related duties out product suggestion and opinion '.

these 310 items mainly for all kinds of mechanical and electrical instruments, equipment and spare parts, including different types and USES of pump turbine, electric equipment, engine, lifting equipment, medical equipment and optical equipment.

this is included in $16 billion goods tariffs ruled out in the list, including PVC, PVC plate, plastic pipe, tube and hose connectors and connector, spherical knob set-up for steel, iron or steel deck, and the arbor, galvanized steel pipe, farming or gardening machinery with the 89 goods such as rotary internal combustion engine.

in addition, there are daily necessities, chemical products, textiles, electrical and mechanical equipment such as 38 type of goods is included in the $200 billion goods tariffs exclusion list. Account for about one-third of the commodity including and the American people is closely related to the daily life of the LED lamps and lanterns, used in gardens, courtyards and lighting accessories, compound wood floor, desktop for cup of coffee brewing and cabin filter units, a single use portable grill, dogs with seat belts.

the American chemistry council, ACC) Previously issued a statement to trump the government's plans to impose tariffs on Chinese goods. The statement said, although in 2018 the United States imports from China increased by 22 chemicals. 7%, but retaliatory tariffs inhibits the United States for the export of chemicals in China, led to the 2018 chemical trade deficit with China almost tripled, from $1. 4 billion to $4 billion. Chemical industry is the main export industry in the United States, accounts for over 10% of the total U. S. exports.

Christmas items in the column of

the tariff eliminate the refresh of listing on China's export enterprises, the United States imports and U. S. consumers are positive.

for American consumers to Christmas, is a good news: a small lighting device is also used in Christmas tree decorations in the exclusion list.

the peterson institute for international economics, who, according to a survey published in the American consumer's need 'made in China' products, Christmas items and the lamp in the third and tenth respectively.

the U. S. census bureau data show that considering the inventory requirements, 80% imported lamp is acted the role of purchasing in the United States each year 8 ~ 10 months to complete, and these beautiful imported Chinese goods accounted for about 85% of the lamp, and almost all the LED lights are used in the American from China.

in the textile, 100% of the ultrafine polyester woven fabrics, polyester products also in the exclusion list.

according to data from the China national textiles import and export chamber of commerce, Chinese textile and garment exports about $10. 3 billion last year, accounting for 16% of China's textile and clothing and raw materials exports to the United States, involving export enterprises 1. 7 m or so.

the national foreign trade council, Texas ( 鲁弗斯Yerxa) Has said that the United States no longer has the production of clothing, textile and other related products of infrastructure.

for the textile industry, the part of the 'ban' in the Chinese textile at least reduced.

multiple areas of the personage inside course of study says, the exclusion list announced, the relevant export enterprises in the field of China and the good news, especially the currently strive for Christmas orders.

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