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Beijing dongcheng district will implement key street 's'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-12

recently, the sixth meeting of the sixteenth people's congress in dongcheng district in Beijing, as the core, the old city, the dongcheng district in pushing block update in will continue to introduce a series of concrete measures, in 2020, in dongcheng district every street to conduct at least one block update pilot project, the construction of a batch of 'symbiosis' ( Symbiosis institute: in not fully achieve leaps back yard, implantation of home stay facility formats, forming a business and living, tourists and residents of 'symbiosis' state) To complete 425 lanes off sophisticated management. The New Year, dongcheng will with embroidered kung fu city governance, strive to build 'cultural dongcheng' 'delicate dongcheng'.

among them, the conference also mentioned to pushing advocates harmony avenue south, Ann in the street, peace avenue, such as guozijian street renovation work, we will continue to implement the 'lever' focus on street.

Beijing dongcheng district people's government area jinhui, said in 2020, the east side to the full implementation of the new Beijing 'general rules' and the core control rules, accelerate the readjustment and optimization of urban functions. Whole protection to promote the old city renewal, dongcheng district will improve the working system of block update, updated implementation plan, prepare block push streets renovation to expand block update. At the street level to build collaborative management platform, explore market-oriented financing channels, guide social forces to participate in. Every street in at least one block update pilot, implementation advocates harmony along the street, around the Forbidden City and other demonstration district construction, construction of a number of 'symbiosis', let the old hutong residents to live a modern life.

the streets courtyard renovation work will be further deepened. For a 'delicate dongcheng' standards, introduced the implementation opinions and index system. Pushing advocates harmony avenue south, Ann in the street, peace avenue, such as guozijian street renovation work, continue to implement key street 's unity' ( S unity: comprehensive street light pole 'lever' modification) , promote the municipal facilities 'enclosure three' ( Enclosure three conversions: encroachments box 'stealth, miniaturization, landscape transformation') 。 The implementation of a new round of back streets environment fine renovation plan of action, three years to complete 425 lanes off fine management. To develop compound micro regulation, improve hospital neo-treasure hill dismantle and public facilities, regulation violations relet subtenancy, eliminate yard safe hidden trouble, the construction of 'beautiful courtyard'. Not less than 50000 square meters, the demolition of stock neo-treasure hill keep the neo-treasure hill new zero growth.

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