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Beijing e-town built 700 root wisdom light pole

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-04

on November 23, the reporter in e-town holding group 'wisdom city' theme on the BBS, southeast development zone has built 700 market offer the surveillance cameras, electronic screen, Wi - Fi device the wisdom of the light pole, covering the splendor of road and so on more than 20 distance, construction speed and scale are among the city's top.

the reporter sees in glory, wisdom light pole is the most top energy-saving lighting lamp; Down is to monitor probes, the video back development zone monitoring image through the network platform, for the use of the law enforcement; Following is an electronic screen, have a big event will serve as a flag electric zi lu, don't have to hang a flag traditional way; Inside have installed the Wi - light pole Fi receiving signal transmitter, able to provide citizens with free online hot spots.

related zhi-ying guo, director of introduction, as this year the city's first automated driving test road to the ground as well, as well will start the upgrade of road infrastructure, one is to add 5 g base stations to wisdom light pole module, through 5 g high-speed network, to achieve 'car road' together.

in September this year, as well as Asia's first rubber asphalt roads also demonstration area, the future will be within the scope of the development zone large-scale promotion use rubber asphalt. Zhi-ying guo said the wisdom of the light pole with underground cables, the past can only be broken road construction, form a not beautiful 'zipper' of the road, and development zone new paving asphalt roads, will speed up the construction of wisdom light pole, the size of the future or will reach thousands of root, let as well as the epitome of 'wisdom city'.

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