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Beijing e-town constructing 2085 root wisdom light pole, next year will take the lead in be born 658

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-26

in November last year, Beijing southeast development zone built 700 market offer the surveillance cameras, electronic screen, Wi - The wisdom of the Fi device light pole, covering the splendor of road and so on more than 20 distance.

this year, what's e-town development new move? In early November, Beijing e-town development wisdom one rod project ( The first stage) Tender announcement released, the show as well next year will be born 658 wisdom light pole, the bid amount is 26. 99 million.

on December 10, Beijing e-town development wisdom one rod project ( The first stage) The bidding result officially published. According to the bidding result, a beijing-based broad network letter technology development co. , LTD successfully won the bid, the amount is 2699. 830000 yuan.

from the information, we can learn that the construction of the project of wisdom light pole of 658 root number, so we can get the average unit price for each wisdom light pole 4. 10000 yuan, its function including ( 3G/4G/5G) Micro mobile communication station, wireless wifi, video monitoring, comprehensive environmental awareness and regional information released show guide LED screen, etc.

Beijing broad network project management department manager zhen zhi letter once said in an interview: 'previously, we also in e-town article 20 major roads and the distributor roads built wisdom one pole of nearly 700 root, in the protection of street lamp intelligent lighting based on core functions, extended integration ( 5 g / 4 g) Mobile communication station, city public wireless WiFi, video monitoring, comprehensive environmental awareness and unmanned vehicle networking perception, and other functions. '

may, Beijing economic and technological development zone' 5 g e-town 'revealed in the launching ceremony, Beijing economic and technological development zone (this year Beijing e-town) Base station will be built more than 200 5 g, 5 g all domain coverage.

it is important to note that as well clear to achieve the purpose of the construction of new infrastructure test area. The development zone has 299 tower communications base station, at the same time filter to build 2085 root unmanned wisdom light pole support 5 g era.

bring about '5 g as well, and bring the world' signing field

2020 is coming, e-town wisdom light pole + 5 g era unmanned technology combination will bring what kind of surprise? In the future, full of expectation!

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