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Beijing pilot 'smart light pole' : monitoring air quality, 5 g the Internet

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-03

a few days ago, Beijing area more experimentation with multifunctional lamp posts. These lamp posts in addition to the basic lighting function, can monitor air quality, monitoring of illegal parking, even 5 g the Internet.

in the future, the various 'obstacle' of pedestrian space is expected to gradually integrate stealth, small light pole will play a bigger role.

transformation will take place on the basis of the light pole. First of all need to be light pole pole wall thickening, 3 mm thickness from the past, the thickness of increased to up to 10 cm. Light pole after reinforcement, internal set different pipeline, in heavy current and weak current, signal light pole should be put in different channels. Every street lamp will incarnate 'intelligent street lamp', can remote control, single lamp control.

it is understood that part of the light pole can also hang electronic display, indicating the surrounding traffic or parking space information, even in the future are likely to be incorporated into food and beverage service information to the electronic screen display content.

the lama temple street, is one of the 'lever' reform pilot area, the miniaturization of power facilities, stealth, landscape renovation, the whole street 233 lever brand will keep 79 after renovation, the installation after wisdom light pole, a light pole can set signpost, street lamps, traffic monitoring and other functions.

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