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Beijing's cold water river park 'black technology' bright!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-09

recently, the Beijing cold water river park landscape project has been completed, ascension ascension 'temperamental' after cold water river park is not only to development zone residents, enterprise employees walked briskly and cycling of green open space and high quality leisure place, also provides people with convenient environmental applications, such as the opening of a solar power station, bubble free water, intelligent toilet seat, intelligent bin and road lighting system, etc.

road lighting system

park increased the road lighting system, tourist night ride walk will not be afraid afraid ~ ride doers of the word and fitness trails on both sides of the solar LED street lamp installed a total of 545 root, of which 120 root for wisdom light pole.

wisdom light pole has the emergency call device, can encounter emergency call button, on the Banks of the river's command center can receive signals, view the video found, will determine the site rescue in the first time.

smart chairs

in order to bring visitors in the garden in the process of the high-tech experience, also installed 25 smart chairs in the park.

smart seat carry their own solar photovoltaic panels and batteries to ensure the seat itself demand, at the same time realize the USB charging, charging, bluetooth voice.

solar post

cold water river park is also equipped with 3 station, function includes information, daily management, emergency rescue, etc.

at the top of the roof installation of solar photovoltaic panels construction capacity of 14 KWP, basic can solve the problem of post the electricity at ordinary times.

intelligent ashbin

a small trash can also have great wisdom! The addition of the 22 groups wisdom trash cans for solar photovoltaic power generation, set have induction on the mouth, to avoid the visitors with trash garbage disposal on the direct contact with the mouth, clean sanitation, garbage can automatically compressed garbage after full volume, at the same time also has the function of voice alarm and location.

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