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Beijing shunyi key business circle will introduce night cruise on the new project

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-22

in 2020, Beijing shunyi district will improve the quality of cofco xiangyun town economic business circle at night, and further optimize the peripheral traffic network. At the same time, in the shunyi city, new city and airport and other key areas, gradually promote open and experiential blocks operating experience, create a 'consumption' night scene with different characteristics.

grain is xiangyun town shunyi district 'dining room in the middle of the night' features of the blocks, citizens in the middle of the night to enjoy the world cuisine at the same time, still can enjoy the special exhibition, night bazaar, entity, bookstores, theater on the corner, street entertainers, musical performances, rich cultural activities such as night of 'travel' fusion development of economic consumption atmosphere, radiation hot spots in the consumer. Shunyi district business bureau deputy director peng-bo Yang is introduced, this year, China will gradually promote replication xiangyun town open operating experience, the experience type block, increase the economic profile in the night and influence.

shunyi district tour bureau relevant controller introduces, focus on the development of this year the stock of resources, the activation of the urban space, make up for the night of the existing business circle. 'For example, gold street, hualian - New world business circle, euro plaza, rongxiang plaza, luneng is given priority to with shopping screenings, such as beautiful hui are young people and parents' family 'fashion clock. We are planning to introduce the night show, magic show, immersive experience vigil for the new project, enrich the shunyi district nightscape products supply. 'In addition, shunyi district will also be combined with new both second and the third phase of construction, the chaobai river navigation, etc. , good night environment building, night culture implant and night economy, actively explore new consumer place at night, enrich the tour product structure.

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