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Beijing subway to 7 lines LED energy-saving renovation

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-03

in recent years, the Beijing subway has completed the metro line 1, line 2, line 5, batong line, a total of 4 lines, five car depot special LED transformation, promotion of LED lighting, 100000.

then, will the subway line 6, 7 lines, as well, such as the vehicle passenger compartment lighting LED 7 line transformation, a total of lighting for 5. 70000 m, is expected to achieve energy saving 3. 5 million degrees.

the relevant person in charge of Beijing metro operation company is introduced in the BBS, in 2018, the Beijing subway operating company operating 16 subway lines, the average traction unit consumption reaches 1. 795 degrees/vehicle kilometres, average passenger-kilometer electricity reaches 0. Compared to 054 degrees, 2017 annual rise.

at present, Beijing is the subway line 1, line 2 to do a new round of reconstruction, want to independent research and development of new type air terminal used in reconstruction. This year, will also be on line the second phase of line 10 and 15, a total of 39 station ventilation and air conditioning energy saving renovation, is expected to achieve energy saving 10 million degrees of above.

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