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Beijing west sea wetland park to install 120 multi-function wisdom light pole

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-02

it is reported that the Beijing west sea wetland park installed 120 root set intelligent security video surveillance, WIFI, PM2 city. 5 intellisense, mobile phone recharge, infrastructure monitoring, terminal display, and other functions in a body's wisdom light pole, and matched with 1082 Internet monitoring stations, realizing a complete coverage of the blocks of wireless networks.

it is reported that falling overboard when tourists such as an emergency, can call the police, with the wisdom light pole a key with management center staff and real-time intercom, reflect the situation at the scene. Has its own exclusive number on each of the light pole, park management center through the light pole number can determine the precise location, for tracking situation. In addition, the wisdom light pole and rainfall monitoring features, such as rainfall, irrigation system can be automatically shut down.

reports suggest that west sea wetland park is the first case based on light pole of iot wisdom park. Xicheng district will also introduce the wisdom light pole financial street area.

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