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Blockbuster! Feng-yi jiang officially elected member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-01

on November 22, number public official of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the list of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences co-opted was elected in 2019, 64 have been added to the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and 20 foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

which is known as the 'father' of Chinese silicon-based light emitting of nanchang university vice-chancellor feng-yi jiang glorious list, for information technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of the science department, professional for semiconductor optoelectronic materials and devices.

feng-yi jiang academician

as we have learned, was born in 1963 in the feng-yi jiang le people in jiangxi province, graduated from jilin university physics, nuclear physics in 1984, 1989, the Chinese Academy of Sciences changchun institute of solid shine professional master degree, is the party committee, vice President of nanchang university. In 1996, feng-yi jiang began to study blue light-emitting materials and devices. Is feng-yi jiang lucky year of 2000, after more than 1200 times of experiments, blue LED epitaxial material and blue diodes finally successfully developed.

at the beginning of 2007, in the provinces and cities, high-tech zone management committee and the relevant government departments, under the support of feng-yi jiang co-founded the lattice lighting and min wang, Ph. D. , professor, in nanchang high-tech zone to build silicon substrate materials and LED chip manufacturing base. In January 2016, nanchang university professor feng-yi jiang, in conjunction with the lattice lighting, crystal, and lighting common silicon substrate to declare LED technology won the first prize in the national technology only Ming, become the province's first national technological invention award.

in recent years, and he lead the team to continue the yellow light and green light, the next generation of phosphor LED lighting as well as the new type of MOCVD high-end equipment, etc, has achieved a new breakthrough, reached world leading level, in his hand, 'Chinese core' of the silicon leds more bright is dazzing ray of light.

notable is that this year, sponsored by the China lighting network of the 9th annual China lighting industry selection 'gold finger prize' awarded feng-yi jiang leader for, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to China's lighting industry and leading role.

in addition, December 2 - feng-yi jiang will attend 3 held in nanjing the ninth gold finger prize award ceremony and 'wisdom, night economy' 2019 China lighting industry development peak BBS, share and bring the latest research results, welcome to join the industry.

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