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What Makes UFO LED High Bay Lights Unique? - A Buyer’s Guide

What Makes UFO LED High Bay Lights Unique? - A Buyer’s Guide


People don’t understand how lighting can affect the efficiency of the workers. Improper lighting can be the reason that your workers have slowed down. Dim lights can lead to headaches, eye strain, stress, and even accidents. But too much lighting can also lead to problems such as eye deterioration and severe headaches. Therefore, moderate lighting is essential for effective and efficient work. Do you need help finding the best LED lights that are moderate for your need? No need to worry when CHZ LED Lighting is here to help you. We have a vast range of UFO LED high bay lights that provide the perfect amount of light.

Go through this article, and we assure you by the end, you will know which UFO LED High bay light model will suit your need.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best UFO LED High Bay Light

Choosing the right UFO LED High Bay Light might be a difficult task owing to many reasons. So, here’s a list of things you must consider before purchasing a UFO LED high bay light for your workspace.

 Illumination Requirements Of The Space

You must be aware of the level of brightness required to illuminate the workspace. To do so, you must measure the area that needs to be covered. In addition to this, you should also know what colour temperature will be the best to light up your space.

 Lumen Requirement

In order to purchase the right fixture, you must also know the lumen outage required. The higher the lumen outage, the more energy efficient the light is. So, choose a light that is highly energy efficient.

 Height Of The Ceiling

Before you set out to purchase the UFO LEF high bay light, remember to measure the height of the ceiling where the light has to be installed. This will help you figure out the level of brightness needed.

• Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Having a lighting fixture with a good color rendering index is crucial if the right representation of colours is an important part of your work.

 Design Of The Light

Choose a light that can equally and evenly brighten up the location.

CHZ Lighting

CHz Lighting has been in the lighting industry since 2010. With our remarkable quality and experience, our brand has earned a significant name in the industry.

We at CHz Lighting make sure our lights are incorporated with the latest technologies and designs. In addition to this, our lights can also be customised as per the needs of our customers.

We have a variety of products, including LED streetlighting, floodlighting, industry lighting, office lighting, and many more.

Why Choose CHz’s UFO LED High Bay light?

You might be wondering why you should choose UFO LED High bay lights when you have plenty of other options in the market. So, here's your answer.

● They are energy efficient that can help you in decreasing your electricity bills.

● They have a longer life span as compared to other options in the market. This saves you from the hustle of frequent replacement and high maintenance costs.

● Our lights have a certain pattern, a direction that allows them to emit light in a particular direction which helps in the reduction of wastage of light.

● They are available in various colors you can choose the one which meets your requirement.

● Compared to local and traditional bulbs, our lights are more environmentally friendly due to the usage of less harmful material in their making.

● UFO LED lights are adjustable. You can adjust the intensity of light according to your needs.

● Our lights will help you enhance your place with their sleek and modern designs with slight traditional touches.

UFO LED High Bay Light Products Available At CHz Lighting

CHZ has consistently provided quality materials to its customers. We have a wide range of UFO LED High Bay lights. A few of them are mentioned below with their features and applications.

1. UFO LED High Bay Light With Motion Sensor


CHZ-HB28 is one of our best LED lights. Following are the features and applications of this model

● It possesses a one-piece structure design with a simple and tough appearance.

● It has high corrosion resistance with high thermal conductivity.

● It is waterproof, and the level of its product protection can be reached IP54.

● High-quality lenses of 60º, 90º, and 110º can be used, which are excellent quality materials with high wear and UV resistance.

● Due to its professional light distribution feature, it can fulfill your various needs.

Applications: They are used to light up high bay malls, airports, gymnasiums, waiting rooms, stations, buildings, warehouses, factories, workshops, and many other places.

2. UFO LED High Bay Light With Reflector


CHZ-HB21 is a reflector UFO light that can be used in industries due to the following features:

● It has an old-school mining lamp-like structure with slight touches of UFO structure.

● Like our other models, it is also made with quality material that has high resistance to corrosion and high thermal conductivity.

● The cold forging process is used in one piece and then sprayed black, which gives it an excess heat effect and a large heat indulgence area.

● This model can adapt to a variety of changing environments due to its high anti-corrosion feature.

● It has a waterproof structure with product protection that can reach the IP66 level.

● It has 60, 90, and 110 lenses made of high-quality material that is flame-restricted and UV resistant.

Applications: They are widely used outdoors to light up the space in warehouses, workshops, gaming courts, swimming pools, and factories. It can be used in huge industries as well.

3. Economical UFO LED High Bay Light


CHZ-HB24, this model is budget friendly with loads of interesting features, which are as follows:

● It has an efficacy of 135 Lumens/watt.

● This model’s ingress protection (IP) is IP66.

● The black sprayed surface protects it from corroding and rusting.

● It comes in 3 different colors: warm white, cool white, and pure white, to help it operate in different atmospheres under different situations.

● The waterproof and dustproof feature of this model helps it to work efficiently in rough weather conditions outdoors.

Applications: This model can be used easily in shops, factories, warehouses, and workshops.


Summing up, people should understand the need for moderate lighting. The lighting should not be too dim that it gives you headaches or eyestrain, nor should it be too bright that it deteriorates your eyes.

We at CHZ Lighting are here to provide the best solution to all your lighting-related problems. Choose our efficient, budget-friendly, environmentally friendly UFO LED High Bay lighting models that fit your requirements.

Are you ready to bid farewell to all your lighting problems? Call us now and get your hands on our lights!

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