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Brand Introduction

Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd, established in 2013, is the leading LED lighting manufacturer in China, and CHZ Lighting is one of the top solar street light brands. Our headquarter locates at Jiading of Shanghai, we have three production bases in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo city, with a total 12,000m²plant area and 1.0M sets of LED lights production per year. We adhere to the idea of "technology first", and cooperate with Fudan University to continuously develop new products. Our products have covered office lighting, industrial lighting, flood lighting, stadium lighting, road lighting, and solar lighting. We offer, not only qualified lights, but also complete intelligent lighting solutions.


- By continuous high investment on management and R&D, we has passed ISO9001, ISO14001,  ISO45001 and ISO50001 system certifications.

- Meanwhile, we have got ENEC, ENEC++, CE, CB and ETL quality certifications proved by famous labs, such as TUV.

- Moreover, we have been rewarded lots of honors by the government, such as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Shanghai Technological Enter prise” and etc.


Our products have been exported to 80+ countries around the world and used for thousands of public projects. By high quality and excellent service, “CHZ LIGHTING” has won very good reputation in those markets. We will continue to work hard and tirelessly strive to build “CHZ LIGHTING” as one globally renowned lighting brand.  

Advantages Of CHZ Lighting

CHZ Lighting helps customers choose the most appropriate led lighting products and offer corresponding technical supports after understanding their overall needs.


In the design of new lamps, CHZ Lighting adopts the latest technological achievements. We build our luminaires based on electronic systems from well-known manufacturers, thus achieving considerable energy savings and improving lighting quality.


CHZ Lighting uses the latest generation of light-emitting diodes as light source. This translates into measurable economic and environmental benefits. Our R&D department experts are constantly working towards improving quality standards.


Our lamps comply with international certification standards, ensuring product efficiency, long life and energy saving.

B. Quality Policy:


01. Certification 
CHZ Lighting Company has passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001 system certification, and all the products it sells have the necessary certification. In addition to the standard and mandatory CE statement, CHZ Lighting also holds safety certificates issued by certified laboratories, such as TUV, CE, ENEC, etc. In addition, having certificates from well-known laboratories confirms the most stringent requirements of third-party independent institutions for our products. The supervision of certification bodies is an incentive to the production process, which improves the stability and repeatability of the process. Because of this, our products maintain high quality, and CHZ Lighting has a large number of old customers.

02. Laboratory

One of the keys to CHZ Lighting's success is the high quality of our products. CHZ Company has always followed the ISO9001 quality management system. Our luminaires meet the highest standards of international certificates, which means our products have high reliability, long life and energy efficiency. All lamps are rigorously tested in our laboratory before being put on the market. Our laboratory is equipped to perform quality control of lamps according to required standards. In addition to this, we also perform sealing (IP), impact strength (IK), lighting performance and light distribution testing.

03. Processing & Production Capacity

CHZ Lighting has a technologically advanced production facility with modern machines operated by experienced professionals to produce a wide range of intricate details. Ensures a high level of flexibility and operational efficiency. We produce more than 1 million luminaires each year, and every product that leaves CHZ Lighting's production lines strengthens our leading position in the world's lighting fixture market.

We strive to achieve our goals for our customers. Save time and costs for both parties, and bring maximum benefits to customers.


CHZ Sales Network

So far, CHZ's products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions in Europe, America, Central and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, centered on Shanghai, Spain, Argentina, the United States, Panama, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Romania.

Successful Projects

 With more than 10 years of lighting experience, we provide our customers with high quality LED lighting products and lighting solutions. 

1. Ports & Terminals Lighting Case

Address: Bilbao port, Spain

Date: April,2021


The Spanish city of Bilbao is the third largest port in the country after Barcelona and Valencia. In October, 2020, the project team of CHZ Lighting Spain Branch achieved good results after the transformation of port lighting in the oil terminal port QIL terminal, and won high trust from customers. In 2021, CHZ completed the second phase reconstruction project of the port, this time focusing on the container (container) wharf, and the lighting installation of one of the terminal buildings was completed within 30 days. The whole project was very effective.

2.Football Field Lighting Case

Address: Portugalete Leioa, in Bilbao, Spain

Date: August, 2021


The Spanish team of CHZ Lighting completed a lighting renovation project for a football field, which is located in Leoya, Portugal, under Bilbao, Spain. Regular level playing field. Before the stadium, a 1500W metal halide lamp (HID) was used, which consumes a lot of electricity, has a serious light attenuation, and has a certain flicker, which has a great impact on daily training and competition. The local club directly contacted our team, and after on-site investigation, design and in-depth communication by our engineers, a complete lighting replacement scheme was determined. After nearly 20 days of intense day and night construction by the Spanish engineering team of CHZ Lighting, all our high-efficiency green FL32 stadium lights were installed and debugged accurately. The average illuminance and uniformity meet the requirements of customers and meet the requirements of domestic TV broadcast of sports events.

3.Garden Lighting Case

Address: Santiago, the capital of Chile

Date: In early 2021


In early 2021, after experiencing the previous epidemic, the Chilean government launched a series of municipal lighting projects to improve the domestic economy. CHZ won the street lighting project in Santiago, the capital of Chile. .CHZ-GD02 Garden Street Courtyard Lights successfully installed many streets in Chile, adding more colors to this famous cultural city.

4.Street Lighting Case

Address: Burkna Faso, West Africa

Date: September, 2019


The whole city street lamp reconstruction project in Bobo Dioulasso, the second largest city in Burkina Faso, replaced the previous 250W high-pressure sodium lamp. The total number of this project is 5000 units, and the first order is 2000 units. These street lamps use our ST13-120W three-module street lamp, PHILIPS3030 light source and MW driver, and the light efficiency is as high as 140LX/w.. The height of poles is 9 meters, and the distance between poles is 35 meters. After the field test of the illuminance meter, the maximum illuminance is 38.9LX, the minimum illuminance is 18.7LX, and the average illuminance reaches 26.8LX, which completely exceeds the local road lighting requirements and international road lighting standards.

5.Solar Lighting Case

Address: Bilbao Biscay Bay

Date: August, 2022


The Bay of Biscay, 45 kilometers north of Bilbao, is famous for its soft beaches and surfers' paradise, attracting countless tourists every summer. However, the street lamps of the resort here are in disrepair for a long time, which greatly affects the nightlife of tourists and brings a lot of inconvenience to local residents. With the permission of the local government of CHZ Spain branch, the replacement work was carried out in tourist villas in a few towns and street lamps in more than ten mountain villages in Biscay. A detailed installation scheme was worked out, which not only protected the integrity of local ancient buildings, but also did not affect their beauty, and achieved good lighting effect. Make greater contributions to the tourism industry in Bilbao.

Main Products

CHZ Lighting main products include LED street lighting, LED flood lights, solar street lighting, garden lighting, stadium lighting, etc. And we provide professional lighting solutions to help our customers successfully obtain numerous bidding projects, win praise from customers, and have a group of loyal customers. 


CHZ Lighting aims to provide high-quality LED lighting products and professional LED lighting solutions. The products are exported to more than 70 countries. CHZ Lighting is one of the best LED street lighting manufacturers and best solar street light brands in China.

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