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Briefly describe the packaging process of solar street lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2021-07-08
In order to standardize the requirements of the packaging process of solar street lights and reflect the real packaging effect, the following is a brief introduction to the requirements of several packaging steps that operators must strictly implement by the Changhui solar street light manufacturer:    1. The spare line selects the appropriate specifications according to the solar street light packing list Sheath line, and determine the length of each sheath line. When the length of the sheath line is determined, cut the required length of each sheath line from the assembly drawing of the solar street light structure. The connecting end of the solar cell module sheath wire and the solar cell module should have enough margin, and the other end must be long enough to reach the bottom surface of the flange. The light source sheath line must be as long as the bottom surface of the flange as long as there is enough margin at the connecting end of the light source. 2. Packing of the upper lamp pole assembly 1) Pre-thread the thin iron wire and insert the matching specifications of the iron wire into the upper lamp pole assembly, and leave a margin of 300mm at each end of the upper lamp pole assembly. The thin iron wire is bent with a hook with wire cutters. 2) Wear the sheath wire and connect the prepared solar cell module wire to the solar panel module end with a wire stripper to peel off the 30mm wire skin, pass the wire core through the hook of the thin iron wire and fold it back, then tighten the wire core, then Fix the wire core and thin iron wire firmly with insulating tape, pull the iron wire at the top of the upper pole to take out the component wire and leave a margin of 500mm~1000mm (determined according to the shape of the upper pole assembly). After the component wire is spooled, tie it with a 200mm nylon cable tie and put it into the upper light pole. The component wire at the top of the upper light pole is fixed on the light pole. Be careful not to touch the thread skin during threading. 3) The jacket wire is used to mark the upper end of the light pole assembly. Strip off the jacket skin with a length of about 200mm, and then mark the 'solar cell module' mark on both ends of the solar cell module jacket wire. The marking is clear and not easy to fall off.  3, light pole component packaging    use the steel stamp to fill in the solar street light nameplate neatly and accurately, and the handwriting is clear. The other steps are the same as the upper light pole assembly packaging, and the corresponding data see its packaging instructions.  4. Storage battery and battery compartment packaging   Dry the battery compartment (with batteries inside) that has passed the water immersion test, and reel the sheathed wire from the threading hose, and then fasten it to the threading hose with a nylon cable tie. Then use a suitable air cushion to wrap the threading hose and the sheath line and fasten it with a nylon cable tie. The two poles of the sheath wire are respectively wrapped with insulating tape.   There are still many requirements for the packaging process. Here we will not introduce you one by one. If you want to know more information about solar street lights, please pay attention to the latest information of our Changhui solar street light manufacturers.

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