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Bright lights what should we do?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-04

with the development of the society, the regional outdoor road lighting and other infrastructure construction began to increase the intensity. Especially in city township areas, streets and alleys have installed street lamp lighting, greatly guarantee the safety of people at night. But as a result of street lamps in the market have different quality differences, the lights lead to the sudden failure occurs frequently. So, in this case, the maintenance staff is how to do?

first, open the power distribution control cabinet, focused, online. See if there are good contact wire, cable is broken. Sometimes distribution line contact and cable bolt will lead to the street light is not bright. Then check the wear condition of buried cable, see if there is any breakage. At the same time, also need to check the water proofing property of the cable. Some of the buried cable waterproof performance is poorer. Water is short circuit happens resulting street lamp will not light. If none of the above problems, the lamp holder will open it, check the internal heat sink, power drive. Radiator damage would result in a lamp holder of high quantity of heat, burn out internal piping, cause damage. , of course, in this case a better solution is to replace the new lamp holder directly

when we meet in the life of street lamps do not light, it suddenly actually don't have to worry, we can tell the head of the community directly, there will be a professional maintenance personnel for maintenance. The above is the basic cause of street lamp is not bright life and treatment method.

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