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Britain converted to a LED street lamp, north Yorkshire region greatly reduce carbon emissions and costs

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-08

in recent years, in order to improve the energy efficiency, reduce light pollution, improve road safety, such as the United States, Britain, New Zealand and India and other countries to replace the traditional light source scheme.

a few days ago, according to reports, the British north Yorkshire region ( 北约克郡) County council in the region of 50850 street lights maintenance, switch to energy-efficient LED lighting.

the north Yorkshire area began in October 2017 by installing LED lighting, and at the end of this month to complete the installation of 25500 LED street lamp, in April 2020, will install another 19000 LED street lamp.

north Yorkshire natural replacement plan, as part of the program, use LED lights to replace traditional street lamp, current of carbon dioxide emissions in the area has reduced the more than 1800 metric tons, fiscal expenditure is saved 500000 pounds.

county councillor don McKenzie ( 唐Mackenzie) Is executive committee member, roads, he says, they finished the installation of a new street light, in advance and are witnessing the significant investment for the economic and environmental benefits of north Yorkshire.

it is said that since the region LED lighting planning, street lighting energy prices have risen by more than 30%, in April this year also is expected to rise much further. In response to higher prices at the same time reduce the maintenance cost, continue to promote the modernization of the road lighting is crucial.

new LED street light is expected to reduce more than 40% of the road lighting operating costs, and to reduce the region more than 3360 metric tons of carbon emissions.

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