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Britain is a county of new 7000 streetlights to its intelligent lighting network

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-09

according to UK media reported, Wiltshire, England, 威尔特郡) The committee in its intelligent lighting network has added 7000 streetlights, a total of 42000.

before deployment had taken control of the 35000 lamp, by reducing energy and maintenance cost in a short span of 6 years to recover the cost.

as part of a wider range of the LED replacement plan, control will get upgrade, will use the Telensa intelligent control components and UrbisSchreder LED lights. The project will be completed in October 2021.

Telensa, said its intelligent control device can reduce energy and maintenance costs, improve the service quality by automatic fault report, and lamp posts into intelligent sensor hub city.

Wiltshire council highway asset management and debugging services director Peter Binley said: 'add Telensa control helps to significantly reduce our energy costs, and improve our street lighting service. '

' to expand our partnership to the county a total of 42000 lamp intelligent street lamp, can show county council building intelligent infrastructure and the leadership, to provide its citizens safer, more intelligent, more efficient environment. '

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