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British and Canadian cities to promote LED lights and intelligent lighting system installation

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-09

due to the LED street light with lower energy cost and longer service life and adopted by more and more city. Britain Aberdeen ( Aberdeen) And kelowna, Canada ( Kelowna) Recently announced the LED street lamp replacement and intelligent lighting system installation project. In addition, the government also said it will start from September 2019 to all LED street light is converted into a nationwide.

it is understood that Britain Aberdeen city council is on a cost 9 million pounds ( About 78. 39 million yuan) The seven year plan, the traditional street lamp replacement for LED lighting. In addition, the city also installed intelligent street lighting system, the control unit will be added to the new and existing LED street light, so as to realize the remote control and monitoring of the lamp, and improve the efficiency of maintenance. The city council is expected to street lighting can annual energy costs from 2 million pounds ( About 17. 42 million yuan) Dropped to 1. 1 million pounds ( About 9. 58 million yuan) , and to improve pedestrian safety.

as recently LED street lamp transformation completed, kelowna, Canada over the next 15 years is expected to save about c $16 million ( About 80. 26 million yuan) 。 The city council in 2017 to launch the project, more than 10000 HPS lamp is replaced with the LED lights. The project cost c $3. 75 million ( About 18. 81 million yuan) 。 In addition to energy saving, new LED lights can reduce light pollution.

Asian cities have been also in promoting the installation of LED street light. The government announced a nationwide implementation of the LED street light. Government says, replace the project will be launched in September 2019, the current energy costs will save about 50%.

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