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British company introduced can color temperature LED filament lamp

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-09

the UK, a Well - Lit company has launched innovative can color temperature LED filament lamp. The company says its patented flexible LED filament from soft light color temperature of 2800 k can be smooth transition to the warmer 2000 k, to simulate the performance of the traditional incandescent lamp.

the leds is mainly for hotel set up, the new light source will be allowed to change the color temperature, realize the dimming warmer. There are a variety of shapes to choose from, the rated power of the bulb is 8 w, maximum output is 400 lumens. Use E27 base, the service life of new products for 15000 hours, CRI for 90.

as the earliest will be flexible LED filament light into the UK market, Well - Lit lighting industry is committed to promoting innovation and the development of new technology. 'We over the years has been committed to developing the warm LED filament lamp, so we are very happy to be able to put our product solutions to the market. 'In the conference, Well - Lit co-founder Chris Stimson said. 'We overcame many difficulties, to develop our final product. '

the light bulb has been supplied to the well-known food and beverage brands, including Nandos, Dishoom and Burgers was not could.

- - - - - - Lit after launch of product

British designer Samuel Wilkinson ( 塞缪尔·威尔金森) And Well Lit after joint Beem brand

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