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British factory installed 'gradual move light' lighting control system, energy saving of 60%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-24

, according to foreign media reports, is called a 'gradual move light' lighting control system for kawasaki precision machinery co. , LTD. ( 川崎精密机械) In the south coast of England factory energy saving of 60%.

the kawasaki precision machinery factory is located in Plymouth, responsible for the production of industrial machinery parts, in the local time more than 25 years.

because of the precision parts to achieve very high specification, so it is very important to perception of detail and quality control.

after many lighting test, the company has chosen the osram's Digital Lumens intelligent lighting system.

the first area including 30 lamp, server and wireless gateway. Article two existing double 70 w T8 lamp can switch to a DLE - 24 and a 24000 lumens intelligent high canopy lights. Each high canopy lights have their own sensors, all the control in a web browser, so you can let light intensity quadruple, while still realize the energy saving of 60%.

in addition to energy saving, by increasing light intensity, but the gradual dimming control, improve the comfort of the workers.

a gradual move light means that the control system can be lighting timeout shorten as much as possible, and will not cause trouble to the people who work in the light.

delay after 30 seconds, the system began to grow dark more than 30 seconds. This means that each lamp can adjust up and down slowly, in does not affect the safety of every bit of energy saving.

so far, the factory has installed 439 lamp, saving more than 250 KWH, it also improved the quality.

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