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British online supermarket 17 million pounds of its investment development 'vertical agriculture'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-11
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according to British media reports, the UK's largest online supermarket of its investment of 17 million pounds and Jones bought the vertical agricultural firm Food majority stake in the Company, also formed a joint venture with two companies, to establish the vertical agricultural new technology solutions. Its main responsible person, this will change the way of customer experience of fresh agricultural products.

according to British media reports, the online retail giant of its expansion plans unveiled to food production areas: it is prepared to invest 17 million pounds, the development of the so-called 'vertical farm'.

the focus on the development and technology of online supermarket, next to the distribution center with herbs and green leafy vegetables.

in indoor agriculture, its for the two investment: one is with vertical farms 80 Acres in the United States and to provide climate control technology of Dutch companies Priva joint venture.

in addition, it also bought food company (Jones 琼斯食物) Of the company.

Tim steiner of its chief executive, said he hopes the farm grows vegetables to be sent within an hour after picking the kitchen of the customer.

he said in an interview: 'I believe that we have today in the vertical agricultural investment is established on the basis of the new technology, it will allow us to fundamentally solve the concerns of the consumers of food fresh and sustainability. '

the deal is its first foray into food production areas, previously, the company had 4. 75 million pounds to food Karakuri robot company investment.

food company's boss, Lloyd Jones - Jones said that they were happy for the cooperation with its: 'we are convinced that they of the world's leading logistics and automation system, coupled with the continuous development of our advanced technology, will change the way of customer experience of fresh agricultural products - — From order to delivery in a few hours. '

it is understood that its cooperation with Waitrose agreement expires in September 2020. Since then, its distribution Britain, another large supermarket chain, marks and spencer, M&S) Products, at the same time, supply of proprietary products and big goods.

vertical agriculture refers to the indoor facilities in growing food in the form of multi-storey vertical stack. It allows growers to plant a lot of agricultural products in a small space, and are available all year round.

in recent years, the vertical farming is becoming more and more popular, because it is a growing urban population provide the solution of local fresh food.

from indoor farm products, help to save energy and water saving. Its vertical farm cultivation of fruits and vegetables, is expected to supply in the future in marks and spencer.

as Europe's largest vertical farm, Jones Food to produce green salad and dill, leeks and basil herb.

it has more than 5000 square meters of indoor planting area, has covered 12 kilometers LED lamp lighting facilities, which means it can continuously throughout the year production of crops, can produce more than 400 tons of grain every year.

Dutch company Priva boss meini, Mr Prince says, with its set up a tripartite joint venture and 80 Acres of the world's population is growing, people pay more attention to sustainable development.

she said: 'we can develop the best environment, let the plants and crops to experience, the best way to grow in the indoor use of cutting-edge technology and solutions, thereby significantly reducing the use of energy and water, and to reduce waste. '

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