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British university installed intelligent outdoor LED lamps and lanterns, can automatically adjust the brightness

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-13

a few days ago, royal holloway, university of London, 伦敦大学皇家霍洛威学院) Installed an innovative outdoor lighting device, equipped with wireless motion sensors.

royal holloway ( 皇家霍洛威学院) Buildings, including the lecture hall, cafe, and student dormitories, are located in the vast park field, tree-lined.

at dusk, the 200 LED lamps and lanterns to open 10% of the light output. When detected objects move and someone there, according to its location, lighting will gradually shine to between 50% and 100%.

the lamps and lanterns of two adjacent also automatically gets brighter. If there is no new moving object was detected, in 30 seconds after the retention time of the lamps and lanterns of the light output will return to the predefined minimum.

all lamps and lanterns is connected to a mesh network, which means that all of them can not only communicate with gateway, can also be detected in the object moves notice adjacent lamps and lanterns. Therefore, motion sensors can immediately open other lamps and lanterns in the wireless network.

compared with other wireless systems, this system architecture makes the activation of light speed faster, because in other wireless systems, communication between the points of light always must be conducted through the gateway.

the sensor designed for outdoor applications and adapt to bad lighting and development. It can be according to the existence of pedestrians, cyclists or vehicle to adjust the brightness of lamps and lanterns, and filter out the interference of small animals and the branches swaying.

for students, teachers and university staff often study or work late into the night, so the school wants the project to provide additional security.

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