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Build wisdom city, southwest Indian city will transform traffic lighting system

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-29

according to Indian media reported that the capital of kerala, a state in south-western India trivandrum ( Thiruvananthapuram) Will promote wisdom city project, the city's traffic will become modern lighting system, transformation of adaptive system.

with the existing systems, adaptive traffic signal system is not based on time. It will scan a specific intersections and the number of vehicles lights change accordingly, so the vehicle without waiting for the red light, even when there is no vehicle on the other side.

in addition, closed-circuit television, CCTV) The number of the camera will increases. The city is planning to install a total of 885 cameras, some of which will be equipped with automatic digital recognition to track of speeding vehicles. Trivandrum wisdom city company chief executive officer of the P. Bala Kiran, according to the new traffic and security control center will become the nerve center of the system.

he said that 'real-time data will be feedback to the control center, and to make a decision on the spot. Traffic control center is in police their own offices. '

at present, the government has to control center and the adaptive traffic lighting system reserved 7. 900 million rupees ( About 77. 79 million yuan) The money. The bidding work has now begun to work will start in March, and completed within one year.

it is understood that the city's wisdom city the main part of the project expenditure will be used in the road network, will focus on the core area of the city.

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