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Building Lighting Solution

Illuminate the building surface through floodlights installed outside the building, displaying the overall appearance, three-dimensional effect, and material of the building, while achieving the goal of beautifying the environment, energy conservation, and environmental protection. For building lighting, attention should be paid to the control of the illuminance and brightness of the building facade, the direction and angle of lighting fixtures should be reasonably set, and the installation points of lighting equipment should be concealed as much as possible. The lighting of the building should use fresh and concise lamps with the same color system as much as possible, taking into account the harmonious and beautiful surrounding environment. CHZ Lighting provides high-quality architectural lighting devices and professional lighting solutions. To check our product range flood lights for building

Building Lighting

The purpose of building body lighting is to outline the shape and outline of the building body so that it can show its shape in the night. Or highlight the tall and majestic building; or make the outline of the building more obvious or make the building feel larger; or set off the tall, cold, serious and dignified building; at the same time, the lighting of the building should be in harmony with the surrounding environment If you are in a busy city, you should compete with the surroundings with color and dynamism.

Building Façade Lighting

The facade of the building is the most important area of street night lighting. The design adopts a variety of lighting methods to give the best lighting direction to the scenic spots and scenery. The walls, columns, eaves, windows, corners or roofs of the building facade are illuminated by lights. Part of the building structure is integrated to set off the layering of the whole street, giving people a sense of solemnity and grandeur, and three-dimensionally displaying its folk cultural characteristics and artistic connotation.

Exterior Building Lights

Exterior architectural lighting illuminates the walkway and the parking lot below. This type of lighting has obvious safety and security functions as well as aesthetic purposes and is often combined with landscape lighting to complete the overall exterior design of a property. Large enterprises often have hundreds of exterior commercial building lighting, especially in corporate parks, universities, and shopping malls.

LED exterior lighting applications increase energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve visibility. LED Reflector Lights, LED Canopy Lights and LED Wall Lights are the most commonly used LED luminaires for architectural exterior lighting.

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Featured Lighting Projects

CHZ Lighting Technology case | LED replacement in Villasilos (Burgos) with RGBW + DMX Flood Light

CHZ Lighting Technology case | LED replacement in Villasilos (Burgos) with RGBW + DMX Flood Light

CHZ Lighting Technology has carried out the LED replacement project in the iconic town of Villasilos in Burgos, lighting the church using RGBW LED Flood lighting controlled by a DMX system with programmable scenes

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