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Can the lighting time of solar street light be adjusted?

Can the lighting time of solar street light be adjusted?


Generally speaking, when solar street lights leave the factory, the working hours are set according to customer requirements, but some customers will still ask whether the lighting time can be adjusted after installing solar street lights for a period of time. Customers want to extend or shorten the lighting time of solar street lights due to seasonal changes, which is very reasonable and achievable.

The start and close time of the solar street light is determined by the street light controller. How to adjust the lighting time of led solar street lights also depends on the type of controller used. 

There are 2 basic ways to control the time of the solar street light controller:

1. PIR control

This kind of controller does not need to adjust the time, it will automatically sense the intensity of the light to control the light on and off. After installation, there is no need to adjust the light on and off time according to the season. It will automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night. This kind of light control is now widely used in lithium-ion solar street lights, and the cost is also low compared to several other control methods.

Some customers will ask if the street lights will turn on automatically if it is cloudy. This needs to look at the cloudy effect. Under the common cloudy effect, it will not light up. It will only light up under extreme conditions. Of course, this kind of cloudy situation also needs to light up, and solar street lights are stronger than commercial LED street lights. The advantage is that it can also be illuminated in extreme weather, because the voltage is 12v for safe use of electricity, and it is not afraid of leakage.

2. Time control

Time control is also one of the commonly used time control methods for solar street lights. It is to set the time in advance to turn on or off at a certain time. It is a bit more troublesome than light control. It needs to adjust the on and off time according to the season to avoid street lights. The situation that turns on and off in time. Now the more advanced time control controller can modify the time remotely.

The special controller adjustment of solar road light is divided into manual adjustment and remote control adjustment. The external adjustment buttons can be adjusted manually. At present, most of the adjustments on the market are remote control. If this type of controller wants to adjust the working time, it must be equipped with a remote control.

Solar street lights are now divided into split solar street lights and solar integrated lights. The split solar street light controller is generally placed in the light pole. Open the light pole protection cover to see the controller. The adjustment operation can be done by pressing the setting switch. It is not difficult. If there is no manual, try not to adjust it, so as not to damage the controller and cause the street light to not light up. The solar integrated light controllers are all in the lamp holder. If you want to adjust, you need to climb the pole or turn the pole down, turn on the lamp holder to adjust, you need to use a special tool to turn on the lamp, so if there is no remote remote control for the solar integrated lamp It cannot be adjusted. If necessary, please be sure to purchase a solar street light remote control for adjustment.

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