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CCTV exposure! Explosion and burst into flames. 。 。 。 。 。 This kind of LED lamps and lanterns is a ticking time bomb? Who is the pot?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-27

on July 28, CCTV reported 'hidden trouble' charging lamp common deposit quality, and tells the story of rechargeable lithium ion battery charge portable LED desk lamp of safe hidden trouble.

CCTV reported that the lithium battery charge the LED lamp is in recent years the rise of a kind of lamps and lanterns, because is equipped with a lithium battery, the desk lamp can be separated from the power moving place, use rise more convenient, so favored by many consumers.

however, the supervision department of the market risk of desk lamp monitoring found that products while using the convenient, but there are a lot of risk, some risk but also involve the personal safety of consumers.

it is understood that the guangdong market supervision and administration of the latest release with rechargeable lithium ion battery charge portable LED lamp risk monitoring results show that: all 30 batch samples have quality hidden trouble.

the market supervision administration of guangdong province, deputy director of credit risk supervision department Cai Refu, says the 30 batches of samples are different degree of quality hidden trouble, of which 14 batches, there are serious defects happened 7 batches overheating, 5 batch explodes, a fire happened 3 batches, one sample was on fire and explosion.

in this batch of samples is selectived examination, overheating, explosions and fire samples, more serious defects such as problem mainly concentrated on the battery. Among them, over half of the charging table lamp tag battery capacity battery is not part of the battery capacity battery, etc problem also nots allow to ignore.

in this spot check result after exposure, many production rechargeable lamps lighting enterprise also start checking, and according to the companies refuse to the 'workshop on its own is a baseline' big lighting.

introduce according to professional personage, the charging lamp that sells on the market at present, the use of lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and battery three nickel cadmium battery, the risk monitoring to buy 30 batches of samples, all of them are lithium ion batteries, respectively from the famous electric business platform.

in electric business platform, the shop selling rechargeable lamp, price difference is big, some 'web celebrity' product, one month sales up to more than 60000 units. Almost all businesses, and mobile, protect eyesight and other signs to sell products. Online charging lamp

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