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Chang Hui analyzes the assembly requirements of solar street lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2021-07-09
  Construction personnel who assemble solar street lights must be familiar with the structure of various solar street lights, and the tools and equipment required for solar street lights assembly: multimeter, hex wrench, screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, tape and compass. 1. Choose a safe and well-lit place to install the solar street light assembly;   2, remove the packaging, check the inventory parts and accessories according to the configuration list, and determine whether the accessories are scratched, deformed or damaged during transportation;   3 , Large and wearable parts (such as solar cell modules, lights) must be cushioned with soft cushioning materials to avoid scratches and other unnecessary damage during the installation process;   4. Refer to the assembly drawing of solar street light assembly:    Combination lamp assembly ( Upper and lower electrode assembly, lamp arm assembly, solar cell module fixing structure);    polished pole assembly, solar panel assembly fixing angle bracket and lamp arm assembly and disassembly, before painting, check to make sure there is no scratches;    5. Assemble according to the solar street lamp structure Connect the solar panel to fix the angle steel frame and the upper electrode assembly. The fastening bolts of each bolt ensure uniform stress. For some solar street lights, jackets should be worn on the connecting rods and the fixed angle steel frame of the solar battery module, and attention should be paid to protecting the wires from damage.  6. u200bu200bRod connection:    The two ends of the sheath wire of the lower port of the light pole part are fixed to the lower ultra-fine port. The lower electrode assembly is slow with thin metal wires, while the upper electrode is assembled in place. When the assembly is about 100 mm from the polished rod assembly (now the sheathed wire should be under light stress state), use nylon to buckle the sheathed wire, and then fasten the sheathed wire with nylon to fix it to the outlet hook of the lower electrode assembly port. Then insert the assembled lower electrode assembly to the proper position, even if the bolts are tightened up and down the electrode assembly, until the requirements are met, disconnect the wire connection of the wire. After the assembly is completed, you must ensure that the mounting position of the solar cell module holder is in the south;    The sheath wire of the lamp post, the lamp arm assembly is connected to the thin metal wire at the lower end, and the upper end of the lamp arm assembly is slowly pulled to the line. Disconnect the wires and wire connections. Fix it to the street lamp pole assembly by bolt assembly. During installation, pay attention to avoiding the sheath wire being pressed. The tightening bolt is to ensure that the bolt tightening force is even, and then tighten the thread locking glue.

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