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Chang Hui analyzes the three major obstacles in the development of LED street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-09
At present, my country’s LED street lamp market is entering a period of independent innovation and a major opportunity for leapfrog development. The development of LED street lamps continues to expand. However, LED street lamps do encounter some problems in the application practice, which hinder the development of LED street lamps. It has become a testing ground for LED street lights, but some products do not have a little technological content, and low levels will require repeated construction. There are some problems in the application of LED street lights that need to be improved. 1. The price is too high. At present, the production cost of LED street lamps is still much higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps. The price of an LED street lamp is 2000~4000 yuan, or even higher, while a set of imported brand high-pressure sodium lamps (including lamps and complete sets of electrical light sources) The price does not exceed 1500 yuan. As far as the status quo is concerned, LED street lights are obviously too expensive, and the price is 2 to 4 times that of high pressure sodium lamps. Therefore, even if the power consumption of LED street lamps is only one-half of that of high-pressure sodium lamps, because the price is much higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps, the cost recovery period of replacing high-pressure sodium lamps with LED street lamps is still very long.   Therefore, price and cost are still the biggest obstacles for the official promotion of LED street lights in the road lighting market. To reduce the price of LED street lamps to the competitive price of existing lamps, the cost of each manufacturer needs to be reduced. However, in the near future, it can only make up for the disadvantages of lamps and lanterns through the life-span advantages and energy-saving advantages of LEDs under the premise of the continuous maturity of LED technology and the continuous improvement of luminous efficiency.  2, domestic light sources can not meet the market demand.    The development of domestic LED light sources started relatively late compared with foreign countries, and the technological level is still a certain distance from the international leaders. At present, the luminous efficiency of imported light sources such as Cree, Nichia, and Osram generally exceeds 100lm/W. Although the country continues to invest heavily in the development of LED light source technology, and the technical level is constantly improving, the luminous efficiency is still in the development process from 30lm/W to 60lm/W and then to 100lm/W, regardless of the quality and quantity. Above, domestic LED light sources are far from being able to meet market demand. When the domestic LED light source PN junction works at room temperature, although the theoretical life can reach 100,000 hours, the heat dissipation problem cannot be completely effectively solved, which greatly reduces the actual life, and the light decay (lifetime) problem of the LED street lamp has also become One of the key issues restricting its wide application in street lights. In the actual application process, due to the large light decay of the products of some manufacturers, a large number of 'dead lights' phenomenon appeared in a short time, which caused serious damage to the reputation of LED street lights.  3, the power system is unstable    LED driving power is unstable is the industry consensus, in fact, it is also dragging the LED lighting industry, because the driving power is an important part of the LED street lamp, its failure will lead to the failure of the entire lamp. Due to the harsh environment of outdoor work, the life of some components of the power supply has become the life bottleneck of the driving power supply and even the entire street lamp. Poor power supply reliability may cause the installed street lights to be broken in a short time. For outdoor high-altitude devices such as LED street lights, it is difficult to install and repair. For solar street light manufacturers, unstable power supplies make repairs. The cost is rising. Therefore, the poor quality of high-power LED street lamp driving power has become a shortcoming hindering the development of high-power LED street lamps.

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