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Chang Hui analyzes the troubleshooting and inspection steps of solar LED street lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2021-07-09
1. Perform controller detection: the controller's red light is on, it means charging is in progress, the red light is flashing, it means the battery is full, the controller is maintaining the charging process with pulsed small current, and the controller’s yellow light is on, it means the battery is running low. If the battery cable is disconnected and then reconnected, the light will be on. It is necessary to understand the meaning of each indicator of the controller;   2, solar panels: if the connection of the solar panels is not firm, it will cause Charging is not normal. The usual manifestation is that there is voltage but no current. This phenomenon is that the line of the battery board is not connected properly. The troubleshooting method can be directly after the black electrical cover behind the battery board is opened, directly use the voltage and current meter to detect the data, such as direct There is no current from the aluminum pool of the battery panel, indicating that there is a problem with the battery panel and should be replaced;   3. Battery: The battery is normal to charge and discharge under normal conditions. For example, the voltage is above 12V during detection, and the voltage after the light source is connected A downward pressure in a short period of time indicates that the battery is damaged; in addition, when the battery enters the waterproof case, the positive and negative electrodes will be short-circuited and the correct voltage cannot be detected. It is usually high voltage for a while, low voltage for a while, caused by water ingress. The battery discharges too much and the voltage drops below 10V. At this time, the battery can be used normally after a normal low current cycle of charging and discharging. If it cannot be used normally, it needs to be replaced. The lead-acid battery will normally be caused by the decrease in capacity after three years. It’s normal to turn off the lights earlier or reduce the time on rainy days every day;   4. LED light source: The light source can work normally when the battery voltage is normal. If the light source is off, you can directly set the positive and negative poles of the lamp. Check the positive and negative poles of the battery. If the light source can light up, it means that the light source is still good, and the controller is not supplying power to the lamp. Such as: the rainy days are long and the battery voltage is not enough. You must wait for the battery to be fully charged again. After the voltage rises to 12V (24V), the solar LED street light may work normally;    5. Line breakage: Because the solar LED street light uses low voltage Wire, each cable is composed of many thin copper wires. We accidentally crushed the copper wire in the insulating layer on the surface during installation. It is invisible, but at this time, there can only be voltage but no current. The lamp will not light up within a few days after installation. In addition, when installing The insulation lamination of the wire is broken, and the wire conducts through the light pole, causing a short circuit. If the battery board is short-circuited, it will not be able to charge, the battery will short-circuit and sparks will be short-circuited.

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