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Chang Hui talks about the common problems and solutions of solar lawn lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-19
  Solar lawn lights sometimes have some faults, so everyone understands why these things happen? How should we solve these problems? Let’s go with the Changhui solar street lamp manufacturer to find out:   The quality of supporting projects is not too hard: solar lawn lights are generally laid on the green belt, the lawn construction quality is poor, the ground sinks, and it is deformed by force, leading to reinstallation.  The material is not good enough: Judging from the failure situation handled in recent years, the low quality of the material is also a big factor. The main performance is: the wire contains less aluminum, the wire is relatively hard, and the insulation layer is thin. This situation is more common in recent years.   Poor construction quality: failures caused by construction quality account for a larger proportion. Main manifestations:   First, the depth of the lawn lamp foundation is not enough, and the sand-covering bricks are not constructed according to the standard;   Second, the production and installation of the aisle pipe does not meet the requirements, and the two ends are not made into horns according to the standard. Unreasonable design: overloaded operation. With the continuous development of urban construction, solar lawn lights continue to extend. Although new solar lawn lights do not require wiring circuits, the distance between their location and other solar lawn lights has not been properly handled. If you need solar energy Lawn lights, quickly pick up the phone to consult our Changhui solar street light manufacturer, we will solve these problems well and give you a comfortable lighting!

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