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Chang Hui Talks about the Ways of Utilizing Solar Power in Foreign Countries

by:CHZ     2021-07-09
Solar power generation in foreign capitalist countries is an important task in the government's planned economy. They also attach great importance to solar power generation, because solar energy is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly new energy source, and it is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. new energy. Using the principle of solar power generation, solar power products such as solar street lights and solar garden lights can be developed. They use solar energy to generate electricity in two main markets, mainly as follows:    (1) Establish large-scale solar power stations. The problem to be considered before the establishment of a power station is the problem of location. Large power stations need a relatively large area and areas with rich solar energy resources. The best choice is the desert area. China's first large-scale solar power station was established in Dunhuang, Gansu, which is the best regional choice. Dunhuang, Gansu, requires a transmission distance of several hundred kilometers from Lanzhou. Solar power generation is low-voltage direct current, which needs to be transformed into high-voltage alternating current or high-voltage direct current for long-distance transmission. This requires solving technical problems in transmission and distribution, and projects such as solar power stations. Investment is also very large. In terms of China's current development, large-scale solar power plants can only be a demonstration project for China, and it is impossible to widely promote it in China.   (2) Adopt the roof plan of Germany and California. Foreign countries install solar power systems on the roofs of their homes, so that they can be used by people and implemented in people's lives. However, few people living in big cities in China have their own apartments, and it is very difficult for a low-class person to invest in a solar power station worth tens of thousands of yuan, which requires government investment. Shanghai has proposed a 100,000 solar roof plan, but without the support of the government, this is just an act of talking on paper.   These two development methods of using solar energy abroad are not feasible for China's current national conditions. However, the development of solar street lights and LED street lights developed by China using solar power generation is relatively fast. Finally, Chang Hui reminded everyone that China is also a country that is not to be left behind. We believe that through our own efforts, solar power stations will also appear in various regions.

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