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Changhui's technical indicators for making solar garden lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-19
   With the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, the awareness of environmental protection, the direction of sustainable road lighting, and the great improvement of the lighting market, Changhui solar street light manufacturers have raised the technical indicators of solar garden lights to another level. Changhui has high requirements for the light source efficiency of solar garden lights, and the lumens per watt is above 70lm/w. At present, many solar street light manufacturers claim to have 80lm/w, but in fact, the level of LED light source in China can only be around 60lm/w. , The technology still needs a lot of improvement. The specific methods are roughly divided into: chip selection, chip packaging technology, and heat dissipation function.  The service life of the battery should also be improved. When the solar garden lamp is configured, more capacity is added to the battery, and the battery life can be guaranteed even when the battery is overcharged and discharged. The controller should be selected carefully. A good controller will protect the entire solar garden light. If a bad controller is used, even if the quality of other accessories is good, the solar garden light will not work properly. The controller is small but The greatest effect.   According to the actual situation of the region, choose polycrystalline silicon or monocrystalline silicon for solar panels. Is it one piece or multiple pieces? In terms of design, it can look good without affecting the working principle.   The cutting technique of the light pole should be cautious and not cut crookedly. The galvanizing and plastic spraying process must meet the standards, and there must be no zinc tumors, bumps, unevenness, smooth and consistent color, and uniform color.

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