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Changhui solar street lamp system configuration street lamp quality inspection standard

by:CHZ     2021-07-13
  Currently, solar street lighting uses low-voltage DC power supply. Because of its simple system design concept, it uses solar energy as external energy to store solar energy in batteries during the day to achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving road lighting. Although the solar lighting system is very stable and reliable during the application process, the street lamp does not turn on during the operation of the street lamp lighting. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the quality inspection of the street lamp system when configuring the solar street lamp system.
In order to ensure the reliability of the service life of the solar street light system, when installing the solar street light, reasonable component configuration should be carried out in different areas required by the installation environment to ensure the actual service life of the light source, and the battery should be increased during the operation of the street light. The over-discharge voltage value can effectively protect the battery. As a photovoltaic lighting product, it is difficult for non-professionals to detect and repair solar street lights. Therefore, the quality of solar street lights must be tested in the configuration of the street light system.
For the current solar street lamp installation, a good street lamp quality inspection is very important to ensure the long-term stable lighting of the road and the recovery of the cost of street lamp installation. As a solar street lamp manufacturer, Changhui Lighting reminds you that only reliable street lamp system design can achieve long-term and stable road lighting.

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