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Changhui solar street light manufacturers' design standards for their own lighting equipment

by:CHZ     2021-07-19
1. Installation positioning When we Changhui develop a solar street light, we need to understand the lighting conditions of the installation area and the basic requirements for lighting equipment, such as luminous efficiency and protective performance, etc. Many people are interested in solar street lights and solar LED street lights. The system is not well understood, but it is understood from the name that it is a road lighting device that uses solar energy;   2, heat dissipation processing can calculate the number of our LEDs and the approximate power of the heat source based on the luminous flux, and then the corresponding design of the heat dissipation system can be carried out. Since passive heat dissipation is currently strictly prohibited, it can only rely on its own heat dissipation structure for heat dissipation. The design direction is to pay attention to: increase the heat dissipation surface area, increase the dissipation conductivity, the utilization efficiency of the radiator, the solution of the insulation layer, etc., we can also design a temperature rise limit to calculate the thermal resistance of the system;   3, the electrical aspect is generally 1W The most suitable solution for the LED light source is still 350mA drive. In terms of stability, many LEDs are now thin-film chips. The higher the current, the worse the reliability;   4. Optical considerations The optical effect part can be realized by software. It’s better to design the lamp so that the LED closest to the wall of the lamp body will not be blocked. The inner wall of the lamp can be made into a certain angle. Of course, it can also be treated with electroplating to get better light. Output.

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