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Changhui solar street light manufacturers have developed high-efficiency LED street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-13
  The LED street light recently developed by the Changhui solar street light manufacturer has high photosynthetic efficiency, can ensure the target range of the light source, reduce glare and light pollution, and express the energy-saving advantages of LED at the same time.  Urban street lights are often not used effectively, because the light source illuminates the target beyond the range, which makes most of the light pollution radiated to the sky. The research team developed a new lighting system design that uses high-efficiency LED street lights to ensure that only the light source illuminates the target area and avoids illuminating some unnecessary places.  The lighting system researched and developed by Changhui has good adaptability in different street lamp designs. It can be designed flexibly to adapt to different lighting needs while maintaining high luminous efficiency. Therefore, in various streets and roads, high-efficiency LED street lights can display many characteristics of high energy efficiency and uniform lighting.   In addition, to reduce light pollution and glare, the new lighting design has an energy-saving effect. It is known that LED street lights can save an additional 10% more than traditional street lights. The advantage of the new design is that it is equipped with a 4-part module.   It is reported that the technical staff of Changhui solar street lamp manufacturer has completed the design of this street lamp and hopes to be officially put into production.

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