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Changsha wisdom light pole will be built over the next 12 road

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-21

changsha furong district in the jurisdiction of 12 road construction wisdom light pole system, through the parking in a streetlight integrated wireless network, wisdom, the wisdom of city road, such as air quality monitoring.

in changsha furong district long ping high-tech park, the male pilgrims along the light pole has all the wisdom of light pole system, in addition to the environment detects, the wisdom light pole is integrated with wireless network coverage, install monitoring, pavement management functions such as cover, to realize on-line monitoring 24 hours a day.

changsha long flat high science and technology park management committee, said: 'by wisdom lever feedback of data, we can real-time monitor the park for 12 enterprises along the road noise, PM2. Five values. '

it is understood that the set of intelligent street lamp system this year will also in changxing, lung garden three road 12 road pilot construction, such as in the future will also put the bin, municipal monitoring cover, and more Internet monitoring equipment integration, for sharing bike, a square dance noise nuisance, construction site dust provide effective monitoring means such as urban management problems.

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