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Chaozhou, zhanjiang city, actively push forward construction of 5 g base stations and wisdom light pole

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-27

on August 30, housing and construction department of guangdong province issued standard 'technical specification for wisdom light pole in guangdong province, the standard of wisdom light pole of the planning, design, construction, testing and acceptance, operation management and maintenance, since October 1, 2019.

in October the message, according to the guangzhou promote the development of information infrastructure work leading group office issued by the 'guangzhou city to accelerate the development action plan three years (5 g 2019 - 2021) ', is clear about 5 g base station 6 guangzhou city was built. 50000 seats, and speed up the promotion of wisdom light pole.

recently, chaozhou and zhanjiang also subsequently announced that it would actively pushing forward the construction of the wisdom light pole power 5 g high-speed development.

according to the daily reported, chaozhou chaozhou actively promote 5 g network planning and construction, the current total of 49 5 g base station with the official opening, another 55 base station is under construction.

at the same time, chaozhou also actively pushing forward the construction of the intelligent streetlight pilot program in city new road, new city road to develop wisdom light pole pilot construction, new wisdom light pole 226 root.

zhanjiang daily reported, according to the zhanjiang has built 188 root wisdom light pole, mainly distributed around the guangdong jin sha wan. Zhanjiang area built into the wisdom of the current light pole has realized the communication coverage, video monitoring, LED display and function of street lamp.

zhanjiang will develop the wisdom of the light pole next 5 g application construction, collection more features, such as traffic lights, cameras, vehicle scheduling, meteorological monitoring, environmental monitoring, a key for help, such as booster wisdom urban construction.

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