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Cheer for wuhan zhaoqing read river bridge with lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-23

when night falls, you will find that the zhaoqing city,

in a different way, cheer for wuhan.

wuhan, come on!

China, come on!

zhaoqing, wuhan miles away, but we with love through the distance, at the moment but watch each other, encourage each other!

this time, wuhan although sick! But don't be afraid, zhao! Celebrate! Stuffed! You!

today, river bridge on the reading light show flashing 'China! ' 'wuhan refueling' word, salute to the outbreak front of medical staff, salute to stick to a line workers, for wuhan citizens pep talk!

the night silent, infiltration in unlimited warmth, zhaoqing person with these lights, light up each other, encourage each other!

wuhan cherry blossoms will come, we can wait for flowers blossom.

China refuels! Wuhan come on! Zhaoqing!

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