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Chengdu will add nearly 1500 sets of LED lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-29

in September this year, in order to solve the current existing in the chengdu city road functional lighting facility management road, insufficient functional lighting, lighting light not on old outstanding problems, such as chengdu city government issued 'on enhancing zhuhai city center city road functional lighting facilities management of the implementation opinions'. On October 23, the reporter learns from chengdu ChengGuanWei, chengdu ChengGuanWei lighting place with no lights will have way to the back streets of article 82 of the road and more than 100 street old street lamp facilities improve innovation.

ChengGuanWei lighting in the related staff of chengdu, the ascension of the old street lamp facilities modification including lamps, lighting, power distribution cabinet and cable.

according to the result of previous baseline survey, this promote renovation of more than 100 street, street lamp obsolete facilities plan to replace 1476 sets of LED lamps and lanterns; Light pole 169 column; Power distribution cabinet 43; The old cable.

before the replacement of the lamps and lanterns are mainly composed of sodium lamp, due to the long time use, chimney, the influence on light transmittance, and for the LED lamps and lanterns is more energy efficient. Light pole near the main problems including corrosion, and the branches of the shelter, lead to general lighting effect. And this transformation will pass under the higher branches of adding the way of lamps and lanterns, solve the problem of branch block.

at present more than 100 street facilities improve transformation has begun to old street lamps, at the same time, chengdu ChengGuanWei lighting is stepping up efforts to prepare the back streets of article 82 of the place with no light from road promotion transformation plan. This street is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

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