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China lighting network Ding Yun high inspection, general manager of China lights museum

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-13

on July 16, China lighting network Ding Yun high, general manager of a line, visit to the museum of Chinese lights, communication consultation pavilion will cooperation with net cooperation matters. Curator Dai Yanling and ZhanChen SheJiaoBu, academic research, brand promotion and the accompanied by the relevant person in charge of department, to participate in the negotiation.

lights museum is located in zigong, sichuan province, China, was established upon the approval of the state administration of cultural heritage as a Chinese lantern 'collection, protection, research and display of the specialized agencies, the country is at the county level institution, China and the world is the only professional about lantern culture museum, are also at the heart of the' light city in the south 'zigong city construction, is an important symbol of' light city in the south 'image.

Ding Yun high line visited the lamp, various special exhibition hall, carefully watched every thing. Ding total lamp lights in China, showing China culture work highly. China lamp bo, he thought, shows the elegant cultural relics and lantern culture, seize the local characteristics, dig the cultural connotation, deserves praise.

Ding Yun high line also with Dai Yanling curator and academic research, ZhanChen SheJiaoBu, brand promotion and in depth and the head of the communication. The two sides emphasize in zigong hosted by 'science and technology sharing, win-win technology, intelligence and the future' as the theme of cross-strait the 26th the lighting technology and marketing conference.

China lighting association as the conference organizers, hope this year seminar zigong, landing with seec Chinese lantern museum. Lamp expressed the cooperation at will, and vision of the seminar and zigong city museum, as well as on the demand for communication. Said both sides should be to strive for, to build a good government, experts, industrialists and industrial park of exchanges and cooperation platform, and jointly promote the lighting industry and the integration of the lantern culture innovation, realize the win-win cooperation parties involved. The two sides also enters lamp join China lighting association, learn to a lamp bo council into each other, mutual information sharing, project intermediary, and build the propaganda and promotion mechanism, etc. Carried on the thorough exchange.

edit: Liang Jieying

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