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China's first explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device is put into use

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-08

a few days ago, fushun petrochemical GongJian company information research and development center to construction units 500 units of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device, marks China's first successful trial explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device.

according to introducing, the lighting device for fire and explosion prevention, don't need an external power supply, is the present domestic petrochemical industry is the most safe lighting device. Device power is two lithium batteries, and is equipped with the 'electricity protective device', once too much electricity, battery overheat, explosion hazard, 'electricity protective device' automatic start, stop power supply battery. In addition, according to the provisions of the state, in inflammable and explosive container operation, the voltage is lower than 12 v, the voltage of this lighting is only 7. 5 v. Even if the battery explosion, explosion-proof material 'scroll' have explosion-proof, driving device. Inside and outside the triple protection to ensure the safety of lighting.

fushun petrochemical GongJian company information research center director DiaoKeJian said: 'is less than 2 mm thick, in his hand like a piece of A4 printing paper, wireless, no shadow, no stroboscopic, bend, bend, portable. '

it is known that inspection site temporary lighting set-up is a very complicated thing, often hundreds of meters of cable laying not only time-consuming, laborious and prone to leakage hidden trouble. Refining device tower, tank container manhole is the only way to repair and machine access, generally only half a meter in diameter. Temporary cable, through the manhole is maintenance on-site security hidden danger. Three years ago, to avoid the hidden trouble, fushun petrochemical GongJian company technical staff after the repair the field investigation, information research and development center technical staff from conception model, data analysis, material selection and so made a thorough investigation. In October 2018, China's first specialized in petrochemical unit explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device limited space operations.

'the let's construction illumination for intrinsically safe. 'Fushun petrochemical GongJian Zhao Chunqing, director of the dalian west Pacific repair site safety evaluation. Intrinsically safe means through the design, the production equipment or production system itself has the security, even in the case of wrong operation or failure, will not cause the function of the accident. Device not only meet the requirements of the construction site safety work all lighting, and also implements the portable, and installation, fire prevention, explosion-proof, waterproof, moistureproof, flicker-free lighting the scene actual demand.

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